Amerindian groups that have survived and are currently located in the Ecuadorian coast area, today known as the Chachi Community. Kamm, complies with a virtuous and rigorous value chain. Now part of the imaginary of the growth and well-being of the Ecuadorian chachis indigenous communities.

The best chocolate, for the quality, aroma, texture and flavor that has achieved worldwide fame, reaches your hands guaranteeing excellence in the product and at the same time, recognition of the hard work of feverish peasant hands, and traditional planting and harvesting methods, in which everything is natural, ensuring the absence of chemical products, for which they receive a fair payment for each quintal of cacao, according to prices established in the international market, for the fruit of their efforts.

Cacao, “gift from the land” Kamm, negotiates face to face with the producers. Ecuadorian cacao is recognized worldwide. The most valued variety is the “fine aroma cacao”, representing 5% of world production,of which 63% is in Ecuador. Kamm has the privilege of belonging to this natural and ancestral territory, with pride, our 85% chocolate bars are the perfect balance to awaken your 5 senses


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